Spy Games? Google Play Targeted by NSA

+-*As the NSA fights to retain its spying power with the Patriot Act now under review, more documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden have begun to surface. This newest leaks suggest the spy agency had plans to hack the Google Play store and inject malware into users’ seemingly-legitimate downloads. While it appears the plan was never put… Read More »

Internet.org: Too Good To Be True?

+-*Mark Zuckerberg never sleeps. With Facebook now topping 1.44 billion active users worldwide, the founder of the social network could rest on his laurels. Instead, he and other Facebook executives have been busy developing “Internet.org”, which, according to the official website, will “connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have Internet access.” Given that only 33… Read More »

Great White North Goes Pro-Spy With Bill C-51

+-*Canadians aren’t regarded as masters of intrigue and secrecy. While the country’s intelligence service, CSIS, is decently funded and provides a measure of protection to citizens, it’s got nothing on the NSA or the GCHQ. But times may be changing thanks to a new law just passed in the Great White North. Have these peaceful,… Read More »