Introducing ExpressVPN’s NEW Encryption Crystal™ Jewelry Line

At ExpressVPN, we understand that hardware is the new software. So we’re thrilled to introduce our first foray into wearable tech, joining companies like Beats, Apple, and Jawbone as they blur the line between the human body and technology. Introducing Encryption Crystals™! Encrypt your thoughts with our NEW Encryption Crystal™ jewelry line, ExpressVPN’s first hardware product. In 1995, a… Read More »

Mixing Mutex: The New Malware Medley?

Malware has evolved again — according to Threat Post, malicious actors have created a way to dynamically spoof “mutex” values using Windows product IDs as a way to hide the presence of multiple, malicious processes. Here’s what you need to know about this new mix-don’t-match technique. Mutex? It sounds like something found in mad scientist’s… Read More »

Watch US Netflix content when in Australia

Australian Internet users, rejoice! Netflix launches its Australian service tomorrow, and will make thousands of hours of TV shows and movies available to Australians across the country. Thus far, Netflix has managed to keep its highly anticipated Australian video library a secret, much to the annoyance of many fans, who were contemplating whether they still… Read More »

Watch March Madness Online

Don’t miss any of the March Madness action! Are you an American abroad? Or do you love NCAA basketball but you don’t live in the US? If you’re an NCAA basketball fan outside of the US, you can still watch March Madness live. The secret? A VPN, of course! If you go onto the March… Read More »