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can we govern big tech globally
4 mins

Can we govern Big Tech on a global scale?

Countries have largely set their own tech regulations. A joint effort could be a better path.
An app button with a virus and location symbol.
3 mins

Privacy flaw found in Google and Apple’s contact-tracing tool

Hundreds of contact-tracing apps on Android devices didn't keep sensitive data secure.
Passport with an eye.
5 mins

Tests, shots, apps: The invasive new world of travel

Amid Covid-19, summer travel will happen. Is it worth the loss of your privacy?
Chrome logo as an eye.
2 mins

Google’s tracking cookies are going away. Is that good?

Google claims that FloC, its new alternative to tracking cookies, will raise privacy. We take a look at whether that’s the case.
QR code with a skull on it.
3 mins

Are QR codes safe? Not always

There are a few ways QR codes pose online security risks. Here are a few simple tips to protect yourself.
10 times Facebook violated your privacy.
5 mins

10 times Facebook violated your privacy

To say that Facebook has a less-than-stellar reputation for privacy is understating it. Here are some major instances where the company didn’t guard your data.
Smartwatch, smart glasses, and wristband with the Facebook logo.
2 mins

Facebook wearables are coming. Would you want them?

If you thought Facebook knew too much about you, wait till it launches hardware products like fitness trackers, smart glasses, and neural wristbands.
3 mins

Explainer: $5bn lawsuit against Google over Incognito mode

Chrome’s Incognito mode doesn’t prevent Google from tracking you—and users are suing over it.
bossware: remote employee spying tools
4 mins

Bossware: How remote-work tools can be used to spy on you

More people are working from home, leading to the growth of apps that let companies monitor employee activity. Here’s how they work.
what is a digital footprint and how can you manage it
5 mins

What is a digital footprint and how can I manage it?

What you do online reveals a lot about you to the world. Take back your privacy by limiting and obscuring your digital footprint.

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