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Laptop on desk with the camera turned on.
6 mins

ExpressVPN survey reveals the extent of surveillance on the remote workforce

An ExpressVPN survey has revealed the extent to which employees are being surveilled by their employers and how it’s impacting job satisfaction and stress levels.
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1 min

ExpressVPN’s Apple privacy labels rated 100% for accuracy

ExpressVPN is the only major VPN app with 100% accurate privacy labels in the App Store, according to an independent study by Top10VPN.
ExpressVPN new logo with red background.
1 min

Our new logo, coming to your ExpressVPN app

ExpressVPN is getting a new look soon—and that includes a new logo. You will probably first notice the change in your app icons.
Android robot on a phone screen.
3 mins

ExpressVPN launches new privacy and security features on Android

The first new feature is Protection Summary, which lets users see how and when they're being protected by a VPN.
A microscope with a globe.
3 mins

Introducing ExpressVPN’s Digital Security Lab

It will conduct original research in the areas of digital privacy, cybersecurity, access to knowledge, and information flows.
2 mins

ExpressVPN jointly launches industry principles to boost consumer trust

NOTE: This post was originally published on September 29, 2020 As more of our daily lives go digital, a VPN...
2 mins

New partnership brings ExpressVPN protection to LastPass users

Starting today, all new and existing LastPass Premium and Families subscribers will be offered a 30-day free trial of ExpressVPN. Also: Win a LastPass subscription!
A bug under a microscope.
2 mins

ExpressVPN launches a bug-bounty program hosted by Bugcrowd

We encourage security researchers to look for vulnerabilities in our apps, website, servers, and all other ExpressVPN assets.
ExpressVPN logo.
2 mins

ExpressVPN survey reveals streaming is the most popular entertainment for Americans...

With movie theaters shut and no restaurants open, it comes as no surprise that Americans are turning to online...
3 mins

How ExpressVPN ensures no one can slip malware into your apps

Just as water supplies are protected so you can trust what comes out of your tap, our software is guarded from contamination of malicious code from creation to delivery to you. And now we’ve had those safeguards independently reviewed.

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